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How you can stay fit and healthy during your exams

Exam season is upon us!  We’ve all taken tests so we know the pressure that comes along with it and there is only so much studying that our bodies and minds can take. Some of us need to be reminded to take a break every now and then! A good sweat session is the perfect way to counter the anxieties brought on by exams.

Studies have shown there is a positive connection between being physically active and enhanced brain function. Regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.  Additionally, getting up and moving your body combats stress, depression and anxiety and improves your mood and sleep, all of which can affect your cognitive health.

We’ve found some of our favourite alternative fitness classes in London that are fun for the whole family and will surely get your blood pumping!

Gorilla Circus – Flying Trapeze School
If you every wanted to join the circus, this is the class for you. Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School has students start by learning simple tricks on the low bar, advance to the Flying Trapeze and by the end, they get caught by an instructor on a separate swinging bar.

London School of Lucha Libra
Ready to get in the ring and outside your comfort zone? Put on your leotard and channel the Rock at the London School of Lucha Libra. You’ll not only learn Mexican-style wrestling moves and etiquette, but you’ll get your heart racing with cardiovascular and core strength training.

Relive your childhood and get fit by picking up a hula-hoop. HulaFit was created in 2013 with the idea in mind that fitness can be fun.  Putting down the books and wriggling your hips is just what is needed to shake the stress of exams away.

Oxygen Freejumping
Head on over to the UK’s first trampoline park, Oxygen Freejumping, to get your workout fix. It has something for everyone: bouncing sessions, toddler times, fitness classes, obstacle courses and trampoline training.

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