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Healthy recipes to help boost brain power

With exams fully underway, everyone is feeling the pressure for high marks. One way to help ensure good grades is to fuel our bodies with the proper nutrients to keep our brains healthy and happy. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants have shown to improve brain function, specifically memory, concentration and alertness.

Here are some of our favourite food and recipes with the good stuff that can help boost our cognitive health!

Turmeric & coffee

Turmeric contains minerals that can aid with brain growth, memory improvement and easing depression by boosting serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  Likewise, coffee may help fight off depression by increasing your alertness and raising your spirits. This Iced Golden Turmeric Latte combines both coffee and turmeric and is sure to keep you refreshed and ready throughout exam season.

Salmon, broccoli & wholegrains

There is nothing fishy about this Lemon Butter Salmon and Broccoli Penne recipe. Salmon, broccoli and wholegrains have shown to help with keeping the brain healthy. The fatty oils, like omega-3, found in salmon and vitamin K in broccoli, enhance cognitive function. Furthermore, wholegrains slowly release glucose into the bloodstream, keeping you alert and focused, perfect for long days of studying and test taking. 

Nuts & pumpkin seeds

No need to drive yourself nuts trying to maintain a healthy brain. Pumpkin seeds have several minerals, such as zinc, which are important for memory and thinking skills. Nuts, particularly walnuts, contain omega-3, antioxidants and vitamin E, that help curtail mental decline. Jennifer Kular, from The Well Travelled Kitchen blog, has created the perfect recipe, Matcha, Walnut and Pumpkin Seed Energy Bites, that are great for snacking on between study sessions.

Blueberries & dark chocolate

Besides being utterly delicious, blueberries and dark chocolate are full of antioxidants that can improve memory and may even help impede short-term memory loss. Moreover, chocolate is not only good for the brain, but is also a mood elevator. Why not try this delectable dessert, Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Mousse, for that extra memory and mood boost.

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