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What are the benefits of one to one tuition?

“One to one tuition can be very beneficial if your child needs to be supported, inspired, motivated or challenged.”

Benefits of private one to one tuition

There are many benefits of one to one tuition. Most of us have experienced an overcrowded classroom with many distractions from classmates and limited time available. Many children do not reach their full potential in our schools!

Educator, Barry Saide states: “Everyone should have an opportunity to learn in a positive environment, to enjoy the learning process and feel comfortable and content within it.” A personal tutor has the opportunity to give your child the one to one attention he or she needs and focus on the specific subjects and areas that your child may be struggling with.

In a classroom setting the teacher has to meet the needs of the whole class, but a tutor can work with your child and personalise the lessons into a bespoke learning experience suited to their own learning styles and interests. This can have a profound impact on your child’s confidence and performance. The more confident your child becomes, the more they will be able to progress their skills and knowledge.


Advantages of one to one

  • Bespoke Personalised Lessons
  • More time and individual attention
  • Homework and Exam Preparation
  • Catching up from absence
  • Stretching Gifted Students
  • Special Education Needs (Personalised Multi-Sensory Teaching)
  • Home Schoolers
  • Transient Learners (e.g. Forces Children)
  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem


Confidence and Self-Esteem

Even the simple task of asking questions in class can be daunting to a child who is shy, suffers from anxiety or is lacking in confidence and self-esteem but feels able to do this in a one-to-one teaching environment without eyes looking at them. Ability, self-belief, confidence and enjoyment will begin to grow with an excellent and effective tutor.


Effective Learning

With many years of teaching children on a one-to-one basis, it is remarkable to see learners making such incredible progress in just a few weeks with the help of an effective, adaptable, empathetic and highly trained tutor who meticulously plans lessons for them alone and, hence, closes the learning gaps. Previously underperforming children soon have a track record of success and a gifted child can be stretched and inspired to produce truly amazing results.

At the heart of it all, brilliant tutors hold dear to one thing: effective learning. They know what is required in both experience and outcome for the learner.


Today’s World

We live in a fast-changing world. Technology, Connectivity, fast paced lives, climate change, sustainability, the gap between rich and poor and Globalisation create a different context for learning from even 10 years ago. Children have to learn different things nowadays; they need a range of personal qualities and skills that set them in good stead for a future of uncertainty and promise. An experienced tutor with passion, enthusiasm for teaching skills needed and a joy of learning will be a great asset.


To inspire the love of learning is the greatest thing that a teacher can do for your child.

Lisa Roberts B.Ed(Hons)Oxon, PGCE (SEN)




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